We’ve all lost an afternoon here and there poring over old family photos. They are one-second snippets of our pasts, frozen forever thanks to the click of a Polaroid: You and your brother in matching sailor suits, sitting on a fake log in a photo studio. Your dad in a sweet, sweet pair of cut-off jean shorts. Your mom with a perm that would make Vidal Sassoon cry. You can cut the nostalgia with a banana clip.

Chase Banta, founder of the Instagram account Old School Dads, felt a need for this type of nostalgia on social media after an “once-every-five-year trip” through some family photos.

26When you'd struggle to get laid in a women's prison, even with a fist full of pardons

27I never knew my reel father

28If this isn't proof that we've literally all got that one friend, then I don't know what is

29Just out here flexing on everyone that can't have their cake and eat it too

30Looks like Desperado finally came to his senses and down from those fences

31Obviously writing a real thot-full thank you note

32Hate to bother, but we had a nagging feeling Y'all were playing some baseball over here

33Sorry Tommy but the reception on my imaginary cell phone is sh*t right now. Can you call me back in 30 years

34I just feel like there's someone out there that needs to see this right now

35It really all comes down to the angle of the dangle

36When you've grown out of folk boys, go get yourself a walkman

37Tommy gets to drive because he's not a crybaby. Now buck up and quiet down, the man's trying to concentrate

38Not as easy on the eyes as Dolly, but no doubt Daddy Parton will always love you

39Bet that kid grows up to be a genuine Tallboy

40Moved from boob to the bottle but otherwise, I'm exactly the same

41He's definitely worn out more than his fair share of bell-shaped bottoms

42I heard your kid won't stop picking on my boy here

43Ever wonder why couples roller skating isn't an Olympic event

44You can almost smell the burning rubber

45Custody case was going really well until this exhibit got submitted into evidence

46When you're hard AF but won't have your kids growing up without a mother

47Muscle cars & titty bars

48Crushing it

49Grindin gears and eatin rears

50Alright boys, now smile at all the crybabies in the future who forgot how to take a joke


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