We’ve all lost an afternoon here and there poring over old family photos. They are one-second snippets of our pasts, frozen forever thanks to the click of a Polaroid: You and your brother in matching sailor suits, sitting on a fake log in a photo studio. Your dad in a sweet, sweet pair of cut-off jean shorts. Your mom with a perm that would make Vidal Sassoon cry. You can cut the nostalgia with a banana clip.

Chase Banta, founder of the Instagram account Old School Dads, felt a need for this type of nostalgia on social media after an “once-every-five-year trip” through some family photos.


2He recommends Busch, which might explain the 5 divorces and 6 malpractice case

3Dress for success

4Hell ya you can play with my beach balls

5I understand, but we told you there are rules at the adult table. Now you finish up your beer and cigarette like a big kid

6Don't be dumb, boy. I know so much about flossing that I could be your goddamn dentist

7Y'all act as you've never had an underwear shortage sneak up on you before

8Me waking up my parents to tell them about my tummy ache

9David Hasselhoff from Baywatch

10Felt cute in this one. Might delete later

11Keeping it reel

12No denying how photogenic some of your dads were

13It was really nice to run into you, but dad has to get back to work now. I promise I'll call next weekend

14Just dug up this classic golden oldie

15Anybody know if this is the justest route to the Pacific Crest Trail

16Sporting some of those early editions Air Jordans

17On your mother's life, it cures anything

18When you're about to drop the hottest poopie and album of the decade

19That feeling when that's a great fu*king point

20I have some doubts about the latest Maidadmi Vice reboot, but I'm here for it

21Came prepared to fight or fu*k

22Just exchanging stories about past finger-blasting injuries

23If you're not 100% certain where your lover is right now, you should be frayed. Be very frayed

24When the diapers are overflowing, but it doesn't matter because so is your heart

25I'll probably mostly keep using my waistband to store boner tips, but this is a pretty useful lifehack


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