Most ads out there are annoying, but given the amount of professionals working in the marketing and advertising industries, they’re bound to come up with something cool and creative sooner or later. We’ve searched the web and collected some of the most creative print ads we could find.

1Norwegian Airlines

Brad Pitt is single Ad by Norwegian Airlines.

2Denver Water billboard


Standout point-of-sale merchandising from pasta brand.

4Tattoo Parlour

Fill in carefully. An ingenious ad for a tattoo parlor.

5The Beetles


Reindeer in Headlights.


McDonald's Sun Clock

8Moms Demand Action


An advertisement for - a French website that sells glasses.

10Erdal Shoe Polish

11The Frontier Post

Pakistani news site ad about dangerous driving.


KFC Hot & Spicy reimagines fire.

13Pepsi Light


Ad for Sharpie's fine tip permanent markers.

15Ill Eagle Fireworks

One example of a great business name.

16HP Laptop

Double page HP Laptop AD disguised to look like two ads in a magazine.

17Seth & Riley's Garage

18Aston Martin

How to market an Aston Martin.


Thailand PSA ad against driving while sleepy.

20Lavera Eyeliner

21Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka trolls Trump - "We’ll talk about our Russia ties under oath."

22BBC World

Ad from BBC with emphasis on covering both sides of a story.


This Utah ski resort uses a 1 Star review from a Californian to advertise the difficulty level of its ski mountains.

24Coca-Cola Light


Advertising both their pens and razors.


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