There is something hauntingly beautiful about destruction. It
just shows how powerful the forces of nature really are and how insignificant we humans are. We as humans have changed the course of nature and have tried to distance ourselves from nature, inspite of being part of it. Sometimes nature just shows who the boss is in a fight between humanity vs nature and gives us a lesson that everything moves towards entropy. So we have compiled a list 80 pics demonstrating what large scale destruction looks like.

1Four million dollar mansion burns to the ground in Ohio

2Costa Concordia - a new perspective

3Google and Bing Street View images show the rapid decline of Detroit 2008-2013

4Before & After - Kiev's Independence Square - Ukraine

5The same street in Homs, Syria in 2011 and 2013

6Fire in a factory from inside

7Inside Flooded Costa Concordia

8The strength of Category 5 Hurricane winds. Hurricane Andrew 1992

9A McDonalds Restaurant on US 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi, which sits across the road from the Gulf of Mexico, completely gutted during Hurricane Katrina

10Blown over wind turbine in Wyoming

11The glass that melted during a fire

12A submerged statue of the Hindu Lord Shiva amid the flood waters of the river Ganges, June 17, 2013

13Egyptians at the beach as city burns in the background

14Minamisanriku, Miyagi, two days after the tsunami in 2011

15The damaged 'Al Mansur', Saddam Hussein's private yacht, anchored in central Basra. April 10th, 2003

16Aftermath of 19 mines placed underneath German positions near Messines by the British on June 7, 1917. ~ 10K troops died. One of the biggest non-nuclear blasts ever, it was audible in Dublin & London

17The Man burns at Burning Man 2013 in Nevada

18A truck is covered in ice as firefighters work to extinguish a massive blaze at a vacant warehouse in Chicago, Illinois, on January 23, 2013. More than 200 firefighters battled the five-alarm fire as temperatures were in the single digits

19Nuclear cannon. A 15-kiloton test fired from a 280-mm cannon on May 25, 1953, at the Nevada Proving Grounds

20Playground on fire at Lawrence Park in Elk Grove, California

21A crumpled section of the Hanshin Expressway after the 7.3 magnitudes Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995

22Driveway being torn up to install paving stones

23Fire consumes trees along US highway 120 as the Yosemite 'Rim Fire' burns out of control

24Atomic bomb mushroom cloud, French Polynesia

25Workers cleaning up after the 1981 Hyatt Regency walkway collapse, a structural failure which killed 114 people


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