Average Parent Problems is an Instagram account which perfectly epitomizes the daily struggles of parenting. Any parent can relate that the struggle is real. You are responsible for keeping a tiny human well-fed, happy and, most importantly, alive – and more often than not, it is the hardest job in the world. But you gotta do it. So Ilana Wiles, a mother, and blogger from New York, decided to document that bitter-sweet journey called parenthood. We have curated a list of 80 pics from this hilarious account for you to enjoy.

51The first baby, I wanted those early walker bragging rights so badly. Such a rookie momma mistake

52The real kicker will be the day before Halloween, he decides he wants a new costume


54Pretty sure that thumbs up comes with a heavy dose of sarcasm

55FYI, it’s all a trick to get you to handle from now on

56Getting someone to bring you a snack

57Who lost this battle already

58One of the great toddler mysteries

59As long as the hole isn’t big enough for him to fall out the back, you’re good

60Funny or not?

61Never trust quiet children

62And the Emmy goes to


64Celebrity Moms

65Order me a wallet-size, please

66Anyone ever has to drag your kid out mid-ceremony

67Would you like a soccer ball key chain, a ninja turtle tattoo or an emoji eraser?

68My favorite is when my husband emerges from their room like, it’s not working

69There. My friend Jenny solved all your Elf problems for you


71I get it, kid. Time moves too fast and transitions are tough

72There comes a time in every child’s life when they must GET IT FOR THEMSELVES

73Happy Thanksgiving from my family of four

74Oh my god my childhood would have been so much better if my dad acted anything like how he does now as a Grandpa

75Just drink it


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