Average Parent Problems is an Instagram account which perfectly epitomizes the daily struggles of parenting. Any parent can relate that the struggle is real. You are responsible for keeping a tiny human well-fed, happy and, most importantly, alive – and more often than not, it is the hardest job in the world. But you gotta do it. So Ilana Wiles, a mother, and blogger from New York, decided to document that bitter-sweet journey called parenthood. We have curated a list of 80 pics from this hilarious account for you to enjoy.

1I swear, this is more fun than toy unboxing videos on YouTube

2This baby will buy and sell all of us one day

3What’s the weirdest thing your kid ever did and how long did it last


5Put the bag with the vegetables in the backseat. Bread items go in the trunk

6My kid likes her banana peeled halfway down, no more, no less. No strings

7Who else lets their kids sleep in their bed when their partner is away

8Who’s gonna tell them

9Kids have no self-control

10Who knows this feeling

11Rookie potty training mistake

12Why sit on a cushion when you can sit on top of your mom’s legs

13Have a nice day

14Just a word of warning

15You might have forgotten a few items, buddy

16Just relax with a cup of coffee, scroll Instagram and yell periodically, I can’t find you guys anywhere

17To the uninitiated, all you can drink virgin daiquiris are just as exciting as regular ones

18Maybe he’s breaking for the ice cream aisle

19So much for Irish pride

20Nothing is worse than simultaneously having children and a head cold


22Siblings are just another word for accomplices

23All you badasses deserve more than a day

24Two seconds after you got him fully dressed and finally outside

25Maybe she’s giving birth to Jesus


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