Of all the incredible inventions that the 21st century has brought us, ride-sharing services have to be up there as one of the best. I mean, I really enjoy having a tiny computer that I can fit in my pocket, but mostly because I can use it to summon an Uber or a Lyft in a matter of seconds. They deal with the directions and traffic so I don’t have to. In my many ride-sharing experiences, I’ve seen so many drivers who deserve a 5-star rating. However, some Uber and Lyft drivers really go above and beyond. Like, they deserve a 6-star rating, and that doesn’t even exist.


Uber driver has an NES set up in the backseat.


Halloween decor will earn some rave reviews.

3Indoor Store

Taxi driver that also runs his own store inside his taxi cab.

4This Uber driver got the full menu


This Uber driver in Chicago had snacks that you were free to take.

6Uber driver gives out treats

7This hotwheels car works for uber

8Sticky Notes

Uber driver has sticky notes from all of his passengers on the roof of his car.


This Uber driver has a keychain of his face

10Snacks and drinks for riders

11Nintendo 64

This LYFT has a Nintendo 64 set up.

12Voter Registration

Lyft Driver turns his car into a voter registration booth


SNES classic and 2 universal chargers



Atlanta Lyft driver has peaches ready for her riders!


Passenger finds a slimmer, cooler, mustached version of himself as his Uber Driver.

17At an Uber in the Philippines

18Cool Setup in an Uber

19Uber driver dressed like Superman

20This Uber is Yummy

21Ultimate Uber Experience

How to receive 5 stars as an Uber driver



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