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These Pics of Bad Airline Passengers Will Make You Shudder [70 Pics]

Flying isn’t what it used to be. Being in a huge death machine thousands of feet in the air while braving the elbow checks of hundreds of people isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Traveling with hundreds of strangers in a dehydrated metal tube for hours is certain to make tempers flare, especially when you add gnarly feet, annoying hair, or passengers who remove clothing or shove their hands down their pants. Here’s a collection of the worst airline passengers.

51In Business Class this lady decided to use the frontseat armrest as her bed

52She’s totally making me a friendship bracelet

53Look Ma! No hands!...but four feet

54Cozy Spot

55Bon Appéfeet

56OK kids, so which one of you left your bag full o’ dead animal head in the overhead bin


58Flying the coop for the weekend, all

59Because signs are hard

60Time to get yo self all pretty for the week

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62Dirty diaper + seatback pocket = SAVAGE

63Captain Dave

64He finished reading, but doesn’t understand why flight attendants walk through the cabin with trash bags

65Just a little porn on plane


67Seat back pockets are not trash receptacles


69Because flight attendants have super powers, and just leave it for someone else to deal with

70Welcome aboard

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