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These Pics of Bad Airline Passengers Will Make You Shudder [70 Pics]

Flying isn’t what it used to be. Being in a huge death machine thousands of feet in the air while braving the elbow checks of hundreds of people isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Traveling with hundreds of strangers in a dehydrated metal tube for hours is certain to make tempers flare, especially when you add gnarly feet, annoying hair, or passengers who remove clothing or shove their hands down their pants. Here’s a collection of the worst airline passengers.

26Trying to get in a full week of cute

27Wednesday mood

28The next time you stick your hand in the seat back pocket, remember this beauty

29Me packing at the gate 5 minutes before my flight

30Oh cool, a fancy shoe holder because why use the floor for your nasty sandals

31“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” —Abraham Lincoln

32Welp, that's one way to sit at an airport

33This seems like reasonable travel wear

34The sense of entitlement is strong here

35They should have evacuated the plane

36Make it a good one

37This guy


39Laundry Day

402 for 1 Pap Smears now available in row 26

41This guy seems nice

42Can you bring an axe on a plane?

43Kick back and enjoy the day, mom

44Me when I can’t afford first class

45DING! Can I get some peanuts in 11A, please?

46Man crush Monday

47Here’s to hoping you don’t have a crappy week

48Just casually laying on the floor at the gate with my boyfriend waiting for our flight

49Anyone else up for a nice meal tonight?

50She is turning into the Wolfwoman

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