There are so many ways to view things around you; you can look at them from the side, you can look at them upside-down, and you can even look at them through rose-tinted glasses but why cut things in half? Well, cutting things in half is just one of the many ways that you can see through things. The modern world is full of so many cool things, but how do they actually work? The full answer to that question would take forever to answer, so instead, we put together the next best thing. We might not know how these things function, but we can at least know what they look like inside by cutting them in half. Just wait until you see what’s inside a bowling ball.

1Fancy donut cake cut in half

2Elephant's foot

3Cruise Ship

Rather than build a new cruise ship, Silversea has decided to cut their current ship in half with “military precision” and add another 50 feet of space right in the middle of the vessel. The project cost $100 million and took over 450,000 man hours to cut the 36,000 ton ship in half.

4Three light bulb generations

5A canelé is a French pastry with a custard center and caramelized crust

6Older F1 car cut in half... look how low the driver sits

7Firework Shell


California-based glass artist Loren Stump specializes in a form of glasswork called murrine, where rods of glass are melted together and then sliced to reveal elaborate patterns and forms.

9Cross section of a molar with tooth decay

10WWI trenches

11Cutaway of a water heater from a home with hard water


13Canadian Pennies pre and post-1996

14100 Pair Telephone Cable

15Beef Wellington

16Maersk's Triple-E cargo ship cross-section

17Tank Ammunition

18Various Cables

19A Cup of Noodles

20The High Line - an elevated railroad spur converted to an urban park, NYC

21WW2 era sound suppressor for the Mauser Karabiner 98k

22Bloodwood tree

23Roman well

24When space debris hits a spacecraft

25Lexus LFA 8-speed transmission


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