Everyone tells you how AMAZING being a mom is going to be. There is so much hype about how becoming a mom is life altering and that it is the greatest blessing you can receive. I’m not going to sit here and argue either of those points, but I will tell you that for some of us… it’s not what we expected. I love my children beyond measure, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for this “mommy thing” those first few months.

Those first few months are hard, and it doesn’t make it any easier that other moms don’t fess up to it. Taking care of a newborn baby can be exhausting and overwhelming, so we have went ahead and collected these hilarious pics which prove that being a mom ain’t easy.

51My monkey has emerged. Guess what he was reaching for- the BUTTER

52How do they learn so young?

53Her mom decided to just leave it up

54Could be worse. Poo definitely would be worse

55I would like to think I would totally jump in with them if I found this Damage is done

56I guess there are worse places the toddler could've put the stickers

57Need last minute Halloween ideas?

58Sometimes, pumpkin shopping is just exhausting

59I sure wish my kids would fall asleep when I go shopping

60Trying to teach this kid what #Halloween is, and he's liking it as long as he has our Goldendoodle to snuggle

61I will be removing ALL writing utensils from my home after seeing this photo today

62It's Monday Tip for today, don't let your toddler try and wear the baby's clothes

63Anyone else needs a harness & rope for their monkey?

64This fun mom said she went out, leaving her #baby with her dad, and he later sent her this picture

65In Your Face

66Mom said while she was filling up the bath, her little Ella had used her entire, brand new tub of cocoa butter

67He's been wonderful at accepting this new little one, until this week. The hitting and pacifier stealing has begun

68This was accomplished in the time it took me to scarf down a waffle...and I was watching

69It was the 90s

70This is me sleeping behind the news desk while my mom, the anchorwoman, works. Taken in 1985.

71It was my brother’s first day of school and I was clearly upset that I was not the favorite child

72This was last week. I still haven't washed the dog or the deck

73Free Baby Sitting

74I am CLEARLY the most fun mom

75Trying on clothes with a toddler in a nutshell


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