Ever left the hairdressers in tears because of the absolute atrocity they styled onto your head? Didn’t think your bad haircut could look any worse? Sit back and take a deep breath whith this list of the worst hairstyles of all time. This will calm any worries about your new ‘do, and reassure you that your bad hairstyle could always look worse.

26Straw basket look

27He's making ends meet

28Can you make my kid look 40 years old?

29"Just paint me a hairline and beard"

30Bowling alley drink cup look

31When your transformation is complete but you have to get downtown

32You know lasagna?

33Elvis caught in a vacuum cleaner look

34Pippi Wrongstocking

35Dreadlock so heavy, it pulled his hairline back

36Ewok Look

37Dump on the forehead

38Galactic styled mullet

39Lord Farquaad

40The Hindenberg

41Bald Christian look with the neckbeard

42First day of school after a summer in Flavortown

43Lego Cut

44That Heisenberg look

45Seriously edgy

46When your mustache slides down your face

47Coolio I think it is time to let go

48Too accurate

49Just panini press my face

50Gimme that VHS tape eaten by the VCR Look


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