Ever left the hairdressers in tears because of the absolute atrocity they styled onto your head? Didn’t think your bad haircut could look any worse? Sit back and take a deep breath whith this list of the worst hairstyles of all time. This will calm any worries about your new ‘do, and reassure you that your bad hairstyle could always look worse.

1Homemade Bowl Cut

2Miley Cyrus or Simple Jack

3Sick haircut

4A hard part even Moses would be satisfied with

5A Fidget Spinner Haircut

6Worst possible style the head shape

7"I have to fill an oval picture frame"

8Blunder Years

9"I want to show off how much I hate guns"

10Learning to bang

11This Erica Girl

12Classic barcode look

13Dude out here looking like a struck match

14Sick Neckbeard

When the company has a strict no-beard policy, but it doesn't say anything about a neckbeard.

15"How do I let everyone to know I have dreads?"

16The iPhone X

17"Have you seen that episode with Doofus Rick?"

18A Toupee Mignon


"Ever wanted someone to call you Daddy and baby girl at the same time?"

20Sharpie Hair

21Gimme a bowl cut, but don't mess with my rattail

22Seeing directly in front is just too convenient

23This guy's all party all of the time.

24Post Malone’s hair journey

25Her hair looks nuts


  1. Interesting new haircuts; I never saw those before. I usually get a have little bit hair left like a buzz cut except my hair is wavy.


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