The ’70s is one of our favorite decades to look back on, even for those who weren’t alive when the electric era of Studio 54 and punk was in full swing. Brimming with inspiration at every turn, it’s no wonder we get nostalgic. Imagine our delight, then, when we stumbled across the Instagram account 70s Babes. Dedicated to our favorite babes of the time, there are a plethora of photographs to inspire your style. We have selected the 75 best pics from this IG account for you reminisce the 70s.

26Faye Dunaway

27Lauren Hutton

28Toni Morrison and Angela Davis

29Stevie Nicks

30Breakfast of champions with Patti Hansen, Lisa Taylor, and Beverly Johnson

31Dayle Haddon

32Shelley Smith

33Diane Keaton

34Dolly Parton

35Helmut Newton

36Emmylou Harris

37Lauren Hutton

38Brenda Sykes

39Pat Cleveland

40Beverly Johnson

41Ingmari Lamy and Anjelica Huston

42Raquel Welch

43Cherie Currie

44Romy Schneider

45Coretta Scott King

46Jane Birkin

47Goldie Hawn

48Barbra Streisand

49Anjelica Huston

50Elsa Peretti


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