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Ranking The Most WTF Car Mods Ever [50 Photos]

No doubt you have seen your share of crazy car mods. However we have put together some pictures of cars and insane car mods that will make you wonder what they were thinking. From totally custom rides to cars that had a few too many accessories and the most obscene car repairs. Have a look and in short order you will be shaking your head and saying WTF.

26Patriotic Truck

27Furry Fiat 500

28Turtle Car

29Off-road Smart car

30Motel Car

31Moderate Max

32Double Wide Jeep Wrangler

33Shrek Car

34Pickup truck made of ice

35Prius Relax Cabin

36Tire Dragon Armor

37Mean Nissan

38Trash Glued to Car

39Decked-out Honda

40PT Cruiser Wedding Carriage

41Bull Truck

42GT 50%

43The Avocardo

44Car covered in hot wheels

45Leather Car

46The Pimp Mobile

47Sideways Van

48Opposite facing car

49Lots going on here

50V70 Tank edition

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