No doubt you have seen your share of crazy car mods. However we have put together some pictures of cars and insane car mods that will make you wonder what they were thinking. From totally custom rides to cars that had a few too many accessories and the most obscene car repairs. Have a look and in short order you will be shaking your head and saying WTF.

1Hippo car

2German police stops a car with what turns out to be a blood sticker

3Velvet Mercedes

4Making a brand new van to look 20 years old

5Velvet Rolls Royce

6The Renovator

7So you can make a slingshot look worse

8Business in the front, party in the back

9Zombie Apocalypse Scion TC

10Looks semi smart to me

11I don't think you can get any lower...

12Oh look, a penny

13Japanese crapwagon

14Well Done Brick-Mobile

15Ultimate Buggy

16Overfender with no gas cap access

17God Bless America

18Who Needs Airbags

19Any lower and you'd have to be sitting in a pothole

20Upside down truck

21When you like your trunk so much you get a second one

22Ferrrrrrrrrrrari Limo

23Red Range Rover

24Dragon BMW Z4

25Grass Car


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