So silly, yet so cute! This is a world where animals dominate the internet, every day we are overwhelmed by their pictures and videos, people love to record their pets’ dummy moments, but we can’t seem to get enough of them. Here is a collection of herp-derp animals that will again lighten your day. Enjoy them!


27Sarcastic Cat

28When you find out you are adopted

29Deez Nuts

30Derpy Bird

31Derpy Snake

32Derpy Dog

33Bored Owl

34New Species


36Derpy Goat

37This pitbull thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park

38Dog tastes an orange peel

39My face on my first day of school

40Introducing cat to a newborn

41Still under the influence after surgery

42King of the Jungle

43Shocked Owls

44Bitten by a bee

45Wide Eyed

46That's, uh, not how you hold a cat

47Nature, in all its majestic glory

48This dog has some sass

49What is it?

50When the acid starts to kick in



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