So silly, yet so cute! This is a world where animals dominate the internet, every day we are overwhelmed by their pictures and videos, people love to record their pets’ dummy moments, but we can’t seem to get enough of them. Here is a collection of herp-derp animals that will again lighten your day. Enjoy them!

1Derpy Cheetah

2Derpy Seal

3Derpy Moose

4Monkey Baby

5Derpy Deer

6Baby Hippo

7Join them

8When you fail to hide your food from your friend

9His Soul

10New Species of Derp

11Sarcastic Bear

12Happy Elephant

13Vietnam flashback or a bad acid trip

14Derpy Ostriches


16When you see a moose

17The Fall


19What are you looking at?

20Derpy Otter

21Derpy looking shark

22When the water is too cold

23Malayan Sun Bear

24Derpy Tiger

25Dog after eating a pot brownie



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