Gone are the days when, ‘You’ll live a dog’s life,’ was an insult. Because this Instagram account, Rich Dogs Of Instagram, has taken it upon itself to show what a rich life some dogs live. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they’re rolling in cash. The live a life larger than most people do and are feeling okay about it. They drip in diamonds, travel to exotic locales, and enjoy top designer brands, they suppose.

These fancy fidos will probably make you pretty jealous and their ultra-luxurious lifestyles will definitely give all of those rich kids a serious run for their money.

1Wheels up

2Ready for departure

3Weekend vibes

4Room service

5Fetch me a fruity drink please

6There’s no such thing as the Monday blues when every day is the weekend

7I have expensive taste in chew toys

8Thirsty Thursday

9Typical Tuesday

10Are we there yet?

11Fly private Friday

12Typical Monday

13Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my morning cappuccino

14All I want for Christmas is a barking Bentley

15I only chew on the choo

16Vroom Vroom

17I like corgi butts and I cannot lie

18Winter fur on fleek

19Mile high hound

20Get on my level

21Canine Caviar

22Whippin' the Benz

23Racks on racks

24Views from the crib



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