The biggest things in ‘Guinness World Records’ book is always an interesting read. The most important part, the thing that really makes you say ‘wow’ is the scale. We have compiled a list of things that are even bigger than you probably thought. These ‘big’ things are actually freaking huge! Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

1That's one big flip-flop

2World's largest treehouse

3World's largest cheesecake in Mexico

4Coconut Crabs are the largest land arthropods

5This is largest cigar in the world

6Largest Pizza

Italians hold the title for world's largest pizza after five chefs baked this 130ft Margherita.

7Worlds largest free-standing aquarium.

8World's largest chocolate egg

9Largest Copper Nugget

Float copper is nearly pure metal, sheared out of an ore vein by a glacier during the Ice Ages. This is the largest known piece in the world, at 56,400 pounds

10The Biggest sunflower in the world

11World's largest golden nugget, 61 pounds in Biloxi, Mississippi

12World’s largest underground trampoline

13A size 20 shoe at GoodWill

14Largest Omelette

World's largest peasant omelette during an international open-air cooking contest in Bucharest.

15Najaf Iraq - The largest graveyard in the world

16The world's largest coin pyramid made up of 1 million coins

17Largest Fossilized Tree

This is the largest fossilized tree in the world. This is one of the remains of the Saharan fossilized forest that's present in the Libyan desert.

18World's largest rice krispie treat

19A man with a 134-pound burger

20In 2018 Snoop Dogg broke the Guinness World Record for largest gin and juice

21The largest stockpile of timber in the world found in Sweden

22Extra large toilet

23The largest pumpkin grown in North America!

24Largest mining truck in the world

One load can fuel a power plant for an entire day.

25Jahre Viking

Jahre Viking, the largest human-made moving object ever made next to a huge oil tanker


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