Doing stuff right takes a lot of patience, time and experience. But first timers do make some genuine and funny mistakes, which helps them learn to better themselves. We have compiled a list of pictures in which people were caught doing everyday stuff not the right way.

51Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something

52I think they forgot something

53Explained how to make 'snow angels' to my kids. Forgot one important detail

54My company wanted to make our fountain pink for breast cancer awareness. Didn't quite get it right

55A lad drank so much during the Brazilian carnival that he forgot his girlfriend was on his shoulders

56They forgot to put their drain plugs in

57Always embarrassing when you pull away from the gas station and realize you forgot to close the gas cap

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58When you leave for the winter but you forgot to turn the water off

59I'm actually a little bit impressed

60This is what happens when you take the ice tray out of a freezer with an automatic ice maker

61I live in a town where I have been waiting for this to happen for almost 24 years. Today, it finally happened

62I watched a French swat team and this happened

63Should we go tell them?

64This is what happens when your 2,088-week old mother loves to push buttons in her new car


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