Doing stuff right takes a lot of patience, time and experience. But first timers do make some genuine and funny mistakes, which helps them learn to better themselves. We have compiled a list of pictures in which people were caught doing everyday stuff not the right way.

26Some people wonder why there are warning labels on everything. This is one example


28Me first!

29That darn sun

30So I thought it would be smart to clean my keyboard keys in hot water

31Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse

32This drunk woman dropped her phone. She picked up her sandal instead and used her phone as the sandal

33Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese

34Looks like someone put too much soap in the washing machine

35Saw these girls at IKEA. What were they thinking?

36Upon arriving to help get my keys out of my car, the AAA guy locked his keys in his car and had to call AAA

37Lanyard caught on the handle and my keys swung inside the door as I closed it

38Someone locked an ergometer to a bicycle rack

39So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock

40Someone in our lab forgot proper attire today

41I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works

42A bible store in Kansas has trouble understanding the meaning of this quote

43I am not sure my wife understands what freezer bags are for

44My friend's wife doesn't understand perspective

45My friend didn't understand why people were honking and flashing their lights at him

46Get off your phone

47I am not a smart man

48My mom hid my Easter basket in the oven and forgot

49He forgot to put water in his cup o noodles

50I think someone forgot their spacing


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