Doing stuff right takes a lot of patience, time and experience. But first timers do make some genuine and funny mistakes, which helps them learn to better themselves. We have compiled a list of pictures in which people were caught doing everyday stuff not the right way.

1When you live in Oregon

2My Nana asked me to fix her phone because the outside clock is always showing the wrong time

3That's dangerous

4I asked a friend to grate some cheese. After a couple minutes, he asks what he's doing wrong. Seems he was trying to force the cheese through a potato masher

5I am pretty sure he's using it wrong

6At first, I didn't find anything wrong with it

7That's not how that works

8That's, uh, not how you hold a cat

9The guy down the hall is an exchange student from Ethiopia. I'm not sure he knows how to use a fridge yet

10That's not how acronyms work

11How not to announce when you are keeping the pregnancy

12You did lock it, I'll give you that

13Not how an umbrella works

14Sorry, could you say that again? My baby fell over

15I've done some stupid things when I first wake up in the morning, but this takes it to a whole new level

16Help us find a cure by buying a mega jug

17Kim Kardashian playing poker with mirrored sunglasses

18At least they are in love

19My uncle used his flashlight to brighten up my dads iPad screen

20This is the most useless use for a camping light ever

21I guess it's a ball pit, kinda

22Prison Escape

23How to look very stupid

24Stupid orange cones getting in my way

25He was told that we are getting the first snowfall. He laughed and said no we are not


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