Ever heard of the “Overview Effect?” Essentially, it’s when astronauts, who are seeing Earth from a great distance, suddenly have a mental clarity — a new understanding on what it means to be alive, and how everything is connected. Benjamin Grant is no astronaut, but he experienced something akin to the Overview Effect when he was looking through satellite images of the world.

New York consultant Benjamin Grant was trying to find satellite imagery of Earth for work, but instead pulled up images of Earth, Texas. Thankfully the tiny town is surrounded by perfect circles created by pivot irrigation systems, which got Grant thinking about the Overview Effect. Grant works with satellite company Digital Globe. He selects an area, puts in an imagery request, and then obtains all images that have been captured over his selected space. We have selected 100 of his best images from his instagram account and shared them below.

76Angle shot of Chicago, Illinois

77The San Juan River is shown meandering through southeastern Utah

78Great drone capture above a Christmas tree farm in Whitehouse, Ohio

79Sarychev Peak is located on Matua Island in the Kuril Islands of Russia

80NASA launched the Apollo 8 spacecraft, which sent the first humans out of low Earth orbit and around the moon

81Nā Pali Coast State Park, located along the northwest side of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands

82Trees grow inside the hull of a sunken ship in the Angas Inlet, an arm of the Gulf St. Vincent in Adelaide, Southern Australia

83Agricultural fields line the shores of the Itaipu Reservoir- A body of water that forms the border between Brazil and Paraguay

84Southwestern corner of Mauritius

85A parasail is pulled behind a motorboat on Commencement Bay, just offshore Tacoma, Washington

86Dendritic drainage systems are seen around the Shadegan Lagoon by Musa Bay in Iran

87Griend is a small, uninhabited Dutch island located in the Wadden Sea

88Yellow canola fields are visible across the landscape north of Adelaide, Australia

89A sailboat cruises through a group of massive icebergs offshore Tiniteqilaaq, a small settlement in southeastern Greenland

90Rovinj, officially known as Rovinj-Rovigno, is a city in Croatia

91Third Avenue Bridge passes over Upper Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota

92Wadi Rum, Jordan

93The “Staten Island Boat Graveyard” is a marine scrapyard located in Arthur Kill on the northern shore of Staten Island, New York

94One of Broome, Australia

95Pembrokeshire is a county in the southwest of Wales

96Mossel Bay is located on the Cape St. Blaize Peninsula

97The camp fire which was burning in Northern California in November 2018

98Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southeastern France

99Chongqing is a major city in southwest China

100Amazing Overview of London at night


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