To kick off this new series called “AskReaders” we fired a list of questions to our nearly 52,000 e-mail subscribers. Most of the questions pertained to life experiences and personal stories. Because most of the responders wanted to remain anonymous, we decided to not include any of their real names.

Our fifth question in the list of questions we asked our readers was
“What is the creepiest thing that’s happened to you personally that made you question reality?” We received 58 responses to this question. We have selected the 30 best responses from them and have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to and we will try to include your response below.

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1Cadaver lab

2Kitchen Doorway

3Gun Cleaning

4Dark road

5Road Trip

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6Old man


8Driving at night

9Shadow Man


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  1. So far, I’ve read #8 and #12 where the person said ‘no one believes them’. This message is for you and anyone like you: I believe you. First, there is more weirdness going on all over the world than anyone cares to admit. No, not all of it is evil. But if it is, it is important to be bold, and admit that such things exist. One of evil’s greatest tools is that most people refuse to acknowledge its presence. This leaves one open to all manner of attacks. If it is not evil, but good, you have to recognize that God is supernatural. It is in the Bible that we are to shake off the natural man/woman; starve mammon/flesh to feed the Spirit. Do not limit the works God can do in your life by restricting Him to the realm of your human understanding. Lastly, it ticks me off that people who are supposed to love you, refuse to believe in you. The job of any loved one is to protect the receiver’s heart. In doing so, there is a trust and understanding that exists to recognize the beloved’s veracity. If someone says they love you, tell them that love is a verb, and it must be done to exist. Not listening and accepting the truth of someone they love is a great way to end a relationship.

    • What a stupid thing to say. Stop pretending that there are deities. Mankind made deities up because they didn’t know how natural phenomena work. Read a science book.

  2. You do yourself a disfavor. It stunts your growth – that should not stop until you pass on – to try to shut down and shame anyone with a thought process different from yours. It will be a terrible day when such words as mine are banned. Christians have been under attack since Day One. I’ve been shot down for most of my years. I have the ‘do it afraid’ to keep being me without regard for those like yourself who are intent on shutting me up. In spurning me, you are advocating for a world to exist such as the one in George Orwell’s “1984”. The way things are, that day is on its way. I hope Christ shows you what you have so much contempt for; shows you the Grace you live under that you take for granted. I wish you well. Happy New Year.


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