To kick off this new series called “AskReaders” we fired a list of questions to our nearly 52,000 e-mail subscribers. Most of the questions pertained to life experiences and personal stories. Because most of the responders wanted to remain anonymous, we decided to not include any of their real names.

Our third question in the list of questions we asked our readers was
“What’s the creepiest/scariest thing you’ve seen but no one believes you?” We received 43 responses to this question. Some of them weren’t being serious, so we have selected the 30 best responses from them and have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to and we will try to include your response below.

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1Garage Door

2Girl on Road

3Daddy close the door

4Asking directions

5Dads Cologne

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7Bedroom door

8Down the Stairs

9Silver Tic Tac

10Camping at night

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  1. Being a paranormal magnet in my younger years, I’ve witnessed many unbelievable things. Thankfully this one was witnessed by a friend. We were sitting at Lake Isabella, Washington State late one night. My friend walked to the water while I stayed in the car. 2 minutes later the middle of the lake started rumbling and before I could even try try to comprehend what was happening, a huge geyser grew out of the lake and from the top shot a massive black ball. The ball unfolded itself in the sky and revealed a creature with a wingspan of at least 50 feet. Flapping its wings and screeching, it dove for my friend. He got up and ran for the car. At the same moment he hopped in, that things claws scraped the top of my Suzuki Samurai, missing him by inches. After researching this event, I am sure that what we saw that night was what they call the Chelan Dragon, from Lake Chelan, Washington – a relative of Nessie.

  2. My parents house has been haunted for years.. even when I was a kid, weird stuff happened.. one night, as an adult, I was staying at my parents and my two boys were with me (both teenagers)… about 2am I hear noise in the upstairs bathroom, like liquid soap bottles and glass containers being moved up and down the large vanity.. my youngest son was sleeping in the same bedroom as me, and I got up to see if it was my older son, and he was asleep too.. NO ONE was up.. whatever it was made racket all night long in the bathroom.. The next night I went upstairs to bed and said, “Look, I know you’re here.. Don’t be keeping me up tonight cause I’m tired and I want to sleep.. You’re keeping me awake and it’s not funny!” That night, whatever was there stayed quiet..

  3. I don’t believe in ghosts or … But when I was about 6 ish my mom and dad and I were living with my cousins. My bedroom was at the end of the hallway and my cousins room was opposite me. But every night u would hear someone walking and it would wake me up(they have creeky wooden floors) so every night I would hear someone walk up to my door late ish at night when everyone would be asleep thus lasted about 3 ish minutes roughly every night I would always hide under my blanket, so one night I finally built up the courage to get out of my bed and open my door to see who the hell keeps walking up to my door and wake me up. So i opened my door and stood there and the sound of someone walking towards me didn’t stop when I was standing there it kept getting closer and closer. Thus really freaked me out I didn’t open my door to see what it was again but a while later (a week or so) it stopped. That is one thing that has always stuck with me as it really freaked me ou. I have had other experiences but this one stuck with me the most NOTE:there wasn’t actually anyone there
    I never told anyone except for one friend coz I didn’t think anyone would believe me

  4. This happened when i was only 10 years old. I was playing hide and seek with two of my cousins,Amna and Sidra. My brother was counting with me while my cousins prepared to hide . Afterwards,when they hid, we went to find them.when i went out in the gallery to find them ,i saw a shadowy figure at the rooftop which give me goosebumps.More scary was that i heard it whisper something and giggling. I screamed so loudly which made my cousins come to me from their hiding spots and ask me what happened. I told them what happened but they didnt believed me . Until that day , I never forgotted that event which happened with me

  5. A list of paranormal things in my life: The light above where i sit in my classroom flickers a lot, and will only stop if you look up and say hi. If you stay up all night and go downstairs to the basement somewhere between 11:40 – 11:50, you can see a really tall shadow in the corner shaped like a human with a really big head. Sometimes when I’m going to bed, I’ll hear scratching at my door, followed by rustling under my bed, like a giant rat. If I’m wearing headphones with really loud music, I can hear doors slamming, running, and childish voices. Last summer, I took a cross country road trip and I kept seeing a shadowy figure outside my window that followed me all summer.


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