Q&A formats have become a trend in the last year and a lot of websites and even twitter have been toying around with this idea and testing this format. This kind of format encourages interaction between the readers rather than just reading the content written by content creators. It has been more than half a year since we launched this website and we have had a tremendous response from our readers which was evident in the e-mail signups which shot through the roof a couple of months into launch.

So to begin this new format we named it ‘AskReaders’ and fired a list of questions to our nearly 52,000 e-mail subscribers. Most of the questions pertained to life experiences and personal stories. What came next we never anticipated. We got such an overwhelming response that it took us weeks to comb our mail inbox. Then we selected the best stories and made them grammatically proper enough to not disturb the writer’s personal touch. It took a couple of more days to convert the text into an image format as image format has become kind of a tradition with this site. Because most of the responders wanted to remain anonymous, we decided to not include any of their real names.

Our first question in the list of questions we asked our readers was
“What is the most unexplained, supernatural, or paranormal event you’ve ever witnessed?” We got more than 50 responses to this question. We have selected the 30 best responses from them and have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to contact@piqueen.com and we will try to include your response below.

If you like this format, stay tuned as there are many more similar articles to come.

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5House Fire

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6Navy Pilot

7Previous Life


9Bloody Mary

10Haunted House

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  1. Freaky stuff!
    The wierdest thing I’ve had happen was a premonition the night before I found out my 20 week foetus wasn’t going to survive. I lived through the entire flowering week in one night, them had to live through the real thing.



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