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AskReaders: Creepiest “Glitch In The Matrix” People Have Experienced [30 Responses]

We asked our readers “What is the creepiest ‘glitch in the matrix’ you’ve experienced?” We received 40 responses to this question. We have selected the 30 best responses from them and have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to contact@piqueen.com and we will try to include your response below.

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  1. Okay, so last night was Halloween (2020 so that was nice I guess, it was a full moon too) I swear I was looking in the mirror because I had something in my eye, I got it out so I was about to walk away, and somehow I watched myself blink, it was the weirdest thing ever it was like my reflection was a few seconds too early. I don’t really have an explanation for that but yeah 2020 is crazy


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