We asked our readers “What’s the scariest thing you’ve woken up to in the middle of the night?” We already did a part 1 of this question. You can read it here. In it we received 52 responses to this question. We selected the 30 best responses from them and presented them in our previous article. After the article went viral on the internet, we received 38 more responses to this same question, so we decided to a part 2 on this question and we have selected the 30 best responses from these that we have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to contact@piqueen.com and we will try to include your response below.

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  1. My parents and I had just finished checking the mail and crossed the street in the dark. Once inside, I climbed down the stairs to my basement room and went to bed. A little bit later I heard someone walk into my room. I knew it was Mom. I had been looking for something, and she had found it and was bringing it to me. I tried to open my eyes to tell her thank you, but they wouldn’t open. I tried again and finally wrenched my heavy eyelids open. A terribly tall man who looked like a cross between Steve from Stranger Things and Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events (played by Neil Patrick Harris) stood craning his neck toward me, a wide grin distorting his face. In a panic, I lunged at him, punching with a yell. My fist went through thin air and the man disappeared. He wasn’t real. I wasn’t at home with my parents but in my apartment about 150 miles away. In my dream I expected to see my mom, and in struggling to open my eyes, I woke myself up, but my brain expecting to see my mom, created a human figure out of a poster on my wall and the curtains. The adrenaline woke me up quite quickly. Pretty incredible (and terrifying) what a brain can do with a simple expectation. I admit I was pretty pleased that my instinct was to attack the hypnogogic hallucination though that punch would not have been particularly effective if the man had been real.


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