We asked our readers ” When driving at night, what is the scariest/most unexplainable thing you’ve ever seen?” We received 32 responses to this question. We have selected the 25 best responses from them and have presented them below. If you have had any similar experiences you would like to share, share it with us in the comments below the article or email it to contact@piqueen.com and we will try to include your response below.

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1Creepy Car

2Scary women

3Lone Man


5Crazy Lady

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7Old Town

8Fire in fields



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  1. My brother and I we’re wrapping up a weekend at my dad’s house with his new wife, since he was over-seas not long after 9-11. I was about 12-13…. We were roughly 3 miles from home, and I’d say half a mile from the city limits where we lived. Casual conversation fills the car, and as I look up I see the shadow of someone sprinting across the highway, headed directing in front of us from the drivers side of the car.

    I mean I JUMPED, expecting shattered glass, screeching tires, and blood….. My step mom sees me flinch and giggles as she asks,
    “What’s all that about?” I hop up in my seat to look out the rear windshield, and check my mirror on the visor, and side mirror about a million times before I ask her….
    “You didn’t see that person run in front of the car?”

    Her expression changes, and it’s obvious she’s kinda freaked out. The night we drove my dad to the airport for his deployment, my brother and I had passed out in the back seat, and as he and his new wife were talking, he saw the same thing, had the same reaction, in the same spot, and right at dusk as well. He swore for the longest that they had hit someone, yet no evidence was ever found on the car.


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