A good studio for an artist is a very important place. Creative studios might sometimes look like a pile of rubbish or a mixed-up room, but this is where famous artists paintings are born! Take a look at this assemblage of the greatest artists and their most intimate working places – their studios. I bet that you’ve seen lots of their works in museums and art history books, but the artist himself, and his studio, is often left unseen.

76Dezső Korniss

77Louise Nevelson

78Yue Minjun

79Roy Lichtenstein

80Francis Bacon

81Edvard Munch

82Georgia O’keeffe

83Phil Akashi

84Grant Wood

85Jean-Michel Basquiat

86Shirin Neshat

87Ernest Ludwig Kirchner

88Neale Howells

89Chuck Close

90Jean Tinguely

91Antony Gormley

92Mr. Paul

93Alexandra Rouard

94Allen Jones

95Kees Van Dongen

96Francesco Clemente

97Ian Davenport

98M. F. Husain

99Emily Kame Kngwarreye

100Gerhard Richter


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