A good studio for an artist is a very important place. Creative studios might sometimes look like a pile of rubbish or a mixed-up room, but this is where famous artists paintings are born! Take a look at this assemblage of the greatest artists and their most intimate working places – their studios. I bet that you’ve seen lots of their works in museums and art history books, but the artist himself, and his studio, is often left unseen.


27Andy Warhol

28Piet Mondrian studio

29Alphonse Mucha

30Paul Klee

31Chris Ofili

32Constantin Brancusi

33James Brown

34Jean Arp


36Christopher Wool

37Camille Claudel

38Lucian Freud

39Henry Moore

40Maya Lin

41David Nash

42Fernando Botero

43John Singer Sargent

44Gustav Klimt


46Jonathan Meese

47Yukako Shibata

48Victor Vasarely

49Bernard Buffet

50David Hockney


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