A good studio for an artist is a very important place. Creative studios might sometimes look like a pile of rubbish or a mixed-up room, but this is where famous artists paintings are born! Take a look at this assemblage of the greatest artists and their most intimate working places – their studios. I bet that you’ve seen lots of their works in museums and art history books, but the artist himself, and his studio, is often left unseen.

1Claude Monet

2Laurie Lipton

3Pablo Picasso

4Hans Hartung

5Salvador Dali

6Pierre-Auguste Renoir

7Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson

8Keith Haring

9Jackson Pollock

10Leonardo Di Vinci

11Vincent van Gogh


13Frida Kahlo

14Joan Miro

15Auguste Rodin

16Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger

17Paul Cezanne

18Alexander Calder

19Ron Mueck

20Johannes Vermeer

21David Lynch

22Jenny Saville

23Marc Chagall

24Markus Lupertz

25Georgia O’keeffe


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