We all know that vandalizing is wrong. You’re not supposed to write on stuff that isn’t yours, for whatever reason. But not all vandalism is brash and bold. Some vandals are mild who take the simple route, spreading mild messages across various cityscapes. A mild vandal is someone who mostly follows society’s rules, but occasionally breaks them just a tiny bit. A mild vandal isn’t someone who deserves to be jailed, or even punished at all. Maybe they deserve a stern glance from a middle school vice-principal. But that’s about it. Yeah these kinds of instances can be annoying, but they’re still kind of funny. Below are 95 of the best examples of mild vandalism.

76Technically correct, hopefully

77Took for a souvenir months after I had altered



80No substitutes

81This sign I found

82A fine example of sophisticated British humor

83The friend of mine saw this on his way to work

84Found this little gem at work today

85Found in a Scottish train

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86Employees Must wash hands

873 dogs allowed

88They look so impressed with themselves


90So... What do I do then

91Insert jaws music here

92I fully support the message behind this bit of vandalism I found

93Startled door

94Sid the Sloth

95No Logs allowed


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