We all know that vandalizing is wrong. You’re not supposed to write on stuff that isn’t yours, for whatever reason. But not all vandalism is brash and bold. Some vandals are mild who take the simple route, spreading mild messages across various cityscapes. A mild vandal is someone who mostly follows society’s rules, but occasionally breaks them just a tiny bit. A mild vandal isn’t someone who deserves to be jailed, or even punished at all. Maybe they deserve a stern glance from a middle school vice-principal. But that’s about it. Yeah these kinds of instances can be annoying, but they’re still kind of funny. Below are 95 of the best examples of mild vandalism.

1I found this in a Burger King bathroom

2A little tape goes a long way



5Vandalism vandalized

6Flat earthers getting the word out

7Didn’t realize it was fake until I started clapping at a water fountain

8This truck at my work

9Terrible employees


11Polar bear area

12How'd they even get it on there

13A bestseller

14Old but gold... God said

15I and my friend teamed up at the library

16Jellyfish are superior to humans

17Found on a school desk

18Darn snakes

19Welcome to iHop, may I take your kids

20This hockey rink

21Found in Edinburgh

22Wendy’s in my city last night

23My favorite bathroom on campus got mildly vandalized

24This slide in Biology class

25Checkmate commies


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