When you think back to your days in education, there will certain teachers that you can easily remember. Granted, some of those teachers will have stayed in your memory for negative reasons, but today we want you to think of the ones who you thought were great. Here we have a list of awesome teachers that you just know are brilliant educators. The students taught by these people were/are lucky to have them if you ask us! Take a look!

51I'm a high school substitute. This was on the teacher's desks who I subbed for yesterday

52My former high school art teacher sculpted a giant sand head

53My dad is a teacher and came to school in a jetpack for Halloween. He spent a week making a jetpack with fake legs. He made a lot of kids smile today

54My science teacher drew this on the board while we were working

55A science teacher at my school refuses to teach in any room other than the crappy room with a blackboard, that way he can do his chalk drawings. Behold, his latest creation

56This man has been a substitute teacher in my school district for decades. He just turned 97 years old

57My daughter's 4th-grade teacher (in his late 50s) woke up 4 hours early to do his costume, he also goes to every one of his students' events, regardless if they are school related or not. He loves what he does and he deserves a teacher of the decade award

58The school I work at is pushing us to "get kids interested in learning." After hearing a series of clinks and clangs, I see our history teacher walking through the halls

59My art teacher posted his ironman suit on Facebook

60The coolest math teacher in town

61Over the course of a year, my art teacher has worked on a mural for the music teacher at my school. Behold, the - amazing - end result

62Our math teacher, the master of all four elements

63My teacher is awesome and playing with fire

64Teacher (Mr. Chuan-Bin Chung) uses chalk and blackboard to illustrate the human anatomy

65My old psychology teacher just posted this

66College professor advice

67My professor did an entire class on the financial crisis. We had no clue of the masterpiece he was creating in front of our eyes until he said, and "That's how we got into deep shit"

68So one of the students came in with her kid because she couldn't afford a babysitter. The kid started crying in class and the mother, being embarrassed, gets up to leave but the professor took the kid from her, calmed him down, and continued teaching

69My professor brought in a 10MB hard disk from the 1960s

70Professor's freehand map

71A college professor carries his student's child so she can sit her exams

72My 61-year-old professor mom spent all month making her Steampunk key master costume for her office party. She asked me how she did

73My dad is a college professor. When one of his student's babysitter didn't show, she had to take her 4-month-old daughter to class with her. She started to get fussy, so he did what any good dad would do. They spent almost the entire class like this

74My science professor dressed up like this guy today

75Free math classes. This math professor helps random people who want to learn maths for free


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