When you think back to your days in education, there will certain teachers that you can easily remember. Granted, some of those teachers will have stayed in your memory for negative reasons, but today we want you to think of the ones who you thought were great. Here we have a list of awesome teachers that you just know are brilliant educators. The students taught by these people were/are lucky to have them if you ask us! Take a look!

26My friend is a teacher. His coworkers take Magnum PI and picture day very seriously

27Physics teacher's last day at our school. This is the beauty he left us with

28Chemistry Teacher made their classroom ceiling into periodic table

29When I was young I lived in Nunavut and was bullied quite heavily for being the only white child in school. This is my kindergarten teacher, she used to call me "Master Matt" to make me feel better. She cried when I walked in 12 years later after having moved away for a better education

30This teacher's protest sign

31As a high school English teacher, I’m excited that Halloween falls on a school day. I can’t wait to teach while dressed as Arwen from “Lord of the Rings” this year. I’ll take the book with me and hopefully inspire a new generation to read this classic

32I give you all my chemistry teacher

33We found 5 abandoned kittens running around the school grounds, and my teacher caught one. This is how the class is being taught

34Yesterday an English teacher tried to get a kid expelled for wearing a beanie in class. Today my art teacher came in wearing a beanie, a hoodie, and cargo pants in protest

35This teacher projects his face during exams

36This Teacher knows

37This Teacher didn't have a map, so he drew one by himself

38My teacher raises a picture of his own face to make sure no student is lost during the fire drill

39My chemistry teacher glued her calculators to bricks so they can't be stolen

40Awesome teacher

41He asked the teacher for a pen and my teacher gave him this

42I got my phone taken away by a teacher and got it back like this

43My cousin is a science teacher. He built a hovercraft for his students

44We got our yearbooks. Best history teacher ever

45A teacher finds one of his students among the rubble caused by the tornado in Moore, OK

46April Fools joke in class and retaliation by the teacher

47My teacher got done grading papers early

48A California teacher teaching the physics of surfing (1970)

49My computer science teacher does this pose every time he leans over a desk

50I went to go get help from a teacher and this is what I found


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