When you think back to your days in education, there will certain teachers that you can easily remember. Granted, some of those teachers will have stayed in your memory for negative reasons, but today we want you to think of the ones who you thought were great. Here we have a list of awesome teachers that you just know are brilliant educators. The students taught by these people were/are lucky to have them if you ask us! Take a look!

1An Iranian teacher visits his cancer-stricken student every day to catch him up on what he missed at school

2Local teacher and his colleagues stand on a street corner in Atlanta in hopes of finding him an organ donor

3This teacher wore the same outfit for his picture for 40 years

4My teacher put up a picture of himself on his door so it looks like he’s in his office

5My high school art teacher's amazing Van Gogh costume

6Teacher in the Himalayas uses trick photography to give his students a Quidditch match

7My Science Teacher has a Piece of the Framework from the Hindenburg Disaster

8My bio teacher has a custom-made stamp of his face

9How was school today? "Pretty cool, we learned how to summon a demon in chemistry today"

10Just another day in Chemistry

11My brother makes Harry Potter wands for his 4th graders who want to buy one using fake money they've earned throughout the year. They have jobs, pay desk and electricity taxes, and can earn money through other accomplishments

12This teacher has a new method for teaching anatomy

13This math teacher solves for 'X'-mas

14Teacher of the Year candidates

15My wife is a kindergarten teacher. A couple of the teachers started a "comfort closet" at her school for needy kids to get hygiene supplies and clothes. All donation based

16This science teacher at a high school on 'meme day'

17The high school bio teacher missed his true calling

18Exploding Pumpkin! My sister is the best chemistry teacher ever and does this for her class. Hydrogen balloon inside a pumpkin and when it explodes the pieces come out and make a jack-o-lantern

19I dressed up as Indiana Jones on school picture day. I'm a teacher

20Each year, my Engineering teacher makes amazing costumes by hand. This year was no exception

21Diego Frazão Torquato, 12, playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. His teacher helped raise him out of poverty

22My son, who has learning challenges, developed a special relationship with his amazing grade 4 teachers. On the last day of school, she gifted him with a drawing from her father who she said worked as an animator. He did this especially for my son, who is a Batman fanatic. Left me speechless

23My math teacher has a rubber stamp of his own face that he uses to grade tests

24My Japanese teacher goes all out every Halloween

25My chemistry teacher mom has been waiting for this moment


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