We as humans are programmed to like order and routine, as we struggle to survive day to day, amongst the general chaos of the world. This means we like it when everyday tasks go smoothly and things “just work”, without a fuss or a struggle. When that doesn’t happen, it can make us go a little crazy inside. Check out these 90 images of everyday stuff going wrong.

1The price of 12 pieces of chalk at target vs my college bookstore

2USPS bent my diploma, I have no words

3I’ve been bamboozled

4Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while

5Just one light away from perfection

6I literally could not think of any car less “compact”

7My new Nike free run shoes after my first run

8The way my wife opens things

93 people, 12 seats

10I’m very very aggravated

11What in the actual hell?

12I normally enjoy irony, but not this time

13I die inside whenever this happens

14The bank gave me a Chuck E Cheese token in my quarter roll

15Quaker oatmeal advertises 35% less sugar, but in reality, they're just selling 35% smaller portions - but for the same price

16The close-door button fell off, revealing it was never connected to the control panel

17I am forced to look at this every time I get up

18This happens when your laptop needs to charge

19Thanks, I hate it

20Spent hours completing this mildly infuriating puzzle and now I can't

21Iowa has 99 counties. It could have an even 100 if not for this monstrosity

22So what do you accept?

23Proofreading this book couldn't have been that hard

24'Cheese' burger

25Perth any button


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