The real world is full of the kind of coincidences you’d dismiss as bad writing if you saw them in a movie. The Law of Large Numbers dictates that random events like the following are bound to happen — but that doesn’t make it any less amazing when they do. Here are 80+ examples of coincidences that happened to real people of which you won’t believe the odds.

1Car found after an Amber alert near me

2Pigeon poops portrait of itself on a leaf

3The cat knocked my daughter’s fishbowl off the dresser

4This is how the newspapers were stacked up at my job

5The first time my friend visited my apartment she was mind-blown that my shower curtain looked “exactly” like one of her shirts. I half-seriously said that her story sounded made up and promptly forgot about it until she returned the following week to demonstrate. I forever stand corrected

6This picture was taken by a speeding camera. The bird saves the day

7My girlfriend and I both took pictures from the same angle at the same show... 3 years before we met each other

8This puddle is the same shape as Australia, in Australia

9My Dad was browsing some of my old photos from 2005. He stopped when he saw one in particular and dug up an old slide he took from almost the exact same place in 1971. Cherokee, NC

10My friend showed up to the bar wearing the same tank top as the bartender and immediately challenged him to an arm wrestle. The whole place went nuts

11A balding bus

12I found a hidden key in the spot I was going to hide a key

13My rental car is on the left. Parked at a winery and came outside to find this

14My best friend's music studio burned to the ground. This album cover left a chilling message behind

15Talk about luck

16The left door perfectly describes the right door's condition

17A married couple in China discover they appeared in the same photograph as teenagers

18This pilot found out that the OH58 Kiowa helicopter he'd been flying was the very same aircraft which made him want to become an army pilot in the first place

19My friends newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother

20I took a photograph at the exact same time this photographer took hers and caught her flash lightning the scene

21My boyfriend and I went to a beer festival and met a couple who was dressed the same as us

22My little sister ended up getting the same Physics book I had in high school, 10 years later

23My buddy and the eternal flame struck the same pose

24Childhood photos of me in the United States, and my wife in Korea wearing the same tank top

25I and my sister have a freckle on the same arm in the exact same place


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