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85 Totally Random Facts – Part 13


Yoga is more dangerous than previously thought, and causes as many injuries as other sports. It can also exacerbate existing pain, with 21% of existing injuries worsened. - Source

77. According to “Solomon Curve” (also called the “Crash Risk Curve”), drivers traveling 5 mph (8 km/h) above the average speed of traffic are statistically the least likely to be involved in a crash while crash risk increases dramatically when traveling below the average speed.

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78. While wrestler Hulk Hogan was traveling with tag team duo, the Wild Samoans, whose gimmick was to never speak in public, police found an unregistered handgun in Hogan's car. Hogan begged the Samoans to come to his defense. The Samoans refused to break character and all three men went to jail. - Source

79. In music, an 8th note is called a 'Quaver', a 16th note is called a 'Semiquaver', a 32nd note is called a 'Demisemiquaver', a 64th note is called a 'Hemidemisemiquaver', a 128th note is called a 'Semihemidemisemiquaver' and a 256th note is called a 'Demisemihemidemisemiquaver'. - Source

80. "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz is contractually obligated to lose weight as her character's journey progresses throughout the show. She considers it a win-win. - Source

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81Manuel Romasanta

Spain's first documented serial killer, Manuel Romasanta, was raised a girl till he was 6 because his parents thought he was a female. - Source

82. Regina Rohde was a student at both Columbine High and Virginia Tech during both shootings. - Source

83. Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in the chest with a 7mm revolver. He walked home, saw doctors but there was no surgeon to remove the bullet. The doctors left him alone smoking his pipe in his room. He died at 37 of infection two days later and his last words were "The sadness will last forever". - Source

84. Beavers are considered fish by the Catholic Church, allowing them to be eaten during Lent. - Source

85. To eliminate all the elusive invasive goats in the Galapagos, researchers attached a GPS to a 'Judas goat' who would, because of its gregarious nature, seek out other goats. It was then tracked down, the group killed, but with the 'traitor' left alive to repeat the cycle. - Source

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