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51Fake bus stop

In Senior Centre in Düsseldorf, the adminstrators have set up a fake bus stop as a means to keep Alzheimer's patients from wandering off. The idea was so successful that it has been adopted by several other homes across Germany. - Source

52. After abusing alcohol and drugs for the better half of her life, iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday was swindled out of her earnings and died with all of 70 cents in the bank. - Source

53. When North Korean leader Kim Jong-il was parodied in the film Team America: World Police (2004), the Democratic People's Republic of Korea asked the Czech Republic to ban the film. - Source

54. On New Year's Eve 2014, 835 of 1000 police officers meant to be on duty in Rome phoned in sick. - Source

55. Poposicle ice pops were originally known as Epsicles, as they were invented in 1905 by 11-year-old Frank Epperson. Epperson shared the frozen treat with his kids many years later, at which point they became known as "Pop's sickles," leading up to a patent on the frozen treat in 1923. - Source

56Futurama Comics

Futurama Comics have been released bi-monthly since 2000, and it continues to keep the series alive after the show's cancellation. - Source

57. Horses cannot vomit due to the angle their esophagus enters their stomach and the muscle tone of their esophagogastric junction. If a horse does vomit it means that they are close to death. - Source

58. Jim Dale performed 300 voices for the Harry Potter Audiobooks and had to playback recordings of himself on set to remember each one, each time. - Source

59. 71% of Americans are "fairly certain" that Alexander Hamilton is among their nation's past presidents. This confidence in Hamilton having been president is higher than for six actual presidents. - Source

60. You aren’t allowed to spin your players in Foosball.

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61Layne Staley

Alice In Chains' lead vocalist Layne Staley in response to an article in 1998 asking, "Who will wipe and change the band now?" after their manager retired, mailed a jar of piss and a bag of his own feces to the magazine with a note attached that read, "Wipe and change this, motherf***ers!" - Source

62. West Germany fully decriminalized homosexual acts between males only in 1994 after criminal law needed reconciliation with the law in East Germany, where it had been decriminalized since 1968. - Source

63. "Muggle" meant "joint" in the 1930s, and marijuana users were called "muggle-heads". - Source

64. The piece that holds the rotor blades to the helicopter is known as the "Jesus nut". - Source

65. Researchers found that growing up poor promotes eating in the absence of hunger in adulthood, regardless of one’s financial status as an adult.

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66Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War over 800 murders or attempted murders of superior officers by enlisted soldiers were investigated. The term 'fragging' was coined due to the popular use of fragmentation grenades to commit the murders. - Source

67. Watermelon mosaic virus is a virus that "draws" circles on watermelons. - Source

68. "Orang" in Orangutan does not refer to the color orange, but rather the Indonesian word for "person". - Source

69. Elvis Presley's autopsy and toxicology reports are the property of the Presley estate and are sealed from public view until 2027 ie., 50 years after his death. - Source

70. A Dairy Queen in Franklin, PA, has one of only four surviving Apollo command module boilerplates displayed in its front yard. - Source

71Ant mill

An ant mill is an observed phenomenon in which a group of army ants, which are blind, are separated from the main foraging party, lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle. The ants will eventually die of exhaustion. - Source

72. Fred Willard is the first (and so far, only) actor to appear as a live-action character in a Pixar movie. He plays Shelby Forthright, CEO of Buy and Large, in an archived video shown in the movie "WALL-E". - Source

73. When stepped on a landmine, it never makes a soft "click" and explodes after the pressure is lifted like in the movies. It explodes the moment you step on it. - Source

74. John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli the dwarf in Lord of the Rings is the tallest member of the Fellowship at 6'1". - Source

75. In 1999, there was a Hepatitis A outbreak at 2 Subway locations in Seattle. The staff weren't washing their hands properly or using gloves, thus spreading infected fecal matter. One victim, a 6-year-old boy, suffered acute liver failure and required a liver transplant. He was awarded $10 million out of court. - Source


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