There are situations in life that will certainly test your patience. While we’re at it, why not give these annoying pictures a chance to challenge your cool. There’s something about broken patterns, imperfect symmetry and flawed elements that seem to bother us. Even if you’re not a perfectionist, our brains just seem to prefer things that are ordered in a nice way. Not to mention how annoying things not in the right place can be.

To show you what we’re talking about, we at Pi Queen have put together a list of annoying photos that are guaranteed to drive you crazy. Now cool down and take a look at these annoying pics that can drive you mad if you fail to control your temper.

26Wait, no tea. Really, twice? Wtf! No bag

27This 'box' of beef jerky

28My school could afford $6000000 worth of renovations but they can’t afford toilet paper that I can’t see through

29 All the weights... just for me

30I tried to make brownies

31When a plug covers the outlet next to it

32Purple dot to complete screen cancer in about 10 hours

33Gillette now sells 4 packs of blades instead of 5 packs. Still the same price and even the same packaging

34So my grandmother framed a picture of her niece

35These pencils suck

36New acoustic foam just put up in my school

37First trillion dollar company

38People who abandon their unwanted groceries in the freezer, causing them to explode and become unsellable

39Just got my Valentine’s Day gift. Thank you Shari’s Berries and UPS! Its berry awful

40Laptop @ the Movies

41My friend's sock

42Woke up and found an arrow shot into my house this morning

43This basketball court doesn't line up with anything

44The way they cut the carpet to make this door open instead of just cutting the door. Found in the basement of the newly bought house

45Restaurants that serve cold butter, causing the bread to break when you spread it

46When your clueless teacher leaves the cursor on the play bar

47Every dang time

48People who can’t pick up after themselves

49Okay what the hell

50This stupid doorstop in my hotel room. Banged my foot on it four times today


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