With some jobs, it’s okay to make a few mistakes and learn from them. But, with others, there’s no room for error. We all know those people who just quite simply suck at their jobs. They have one job and SOMEHOW they manage to screw it up. When it comes to people and their jobs, they can get anything wrong, whether it’s putting something in the right box, printing some basic instructions, or even sticking a label on the right way up!

We have compiled 85 photos of People Who Had One Job to Do and Still Failed Miserably. To be fair, everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes… they just bring up one question: WHY?!

51Postman gives a zero fucks

52We got new doors at work

53Hey boss, I made the ribbons

54Where’s the vanilla

55Just put a comma

56My inspector didn’t find it as funny as I did

57When it's your first day at work with the road painting crew and you don't want to admit you've never seen a bike

583 push 1 pull

59Someone forgot something

60Printed the packaging

61Changed the ATM to a new model

62Bats not allowed to cross the street

63Even better

64WTF is this

65Because that’s how puzzles work

66Well... shit

67They repainted the bathroom

68They didn't count on people opening windows

69The box design packaging has stock image watermark

70Who did this?

71I put the lunch sign up

72So glad this is relevant somewhere

73Ok, So how do I use this stuff

74Road contains rain gutter

75Slats have been installed


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