With some jobs, it’s okay to make a few mistakes and learn from them. But, with others, there’s no room for error. We all know those people who just quite simply suck at their jobs. They have one job and SOMEHOW they manage to screw it up. When it comes to people and their jobs, they can get anything wrong, whether it’s putting something in the right box, printing some basic instructions, or even sticking a label on the right way up!

We have compiled 85 photos of People Who Had One Job to Do and Still Failed Miserably. To be fair, everyone makes mistakes, but these mistakes… they just bring up one question: WHY?!

26Got the practice field ready

27This hurts

28This ATM in Egypt is not grounded and can electrocute people The paper says to use wooden a stick

29It says emergency telephone

30My dad said them to place it 'as close to the rose bushes as possible'

31Translated the menu

32Sausage Squad

33Put away the pallets

34Installed the lock on the bathroom stall

35Proofread the ad boss

36The ceiling is all painted

37I mean, it was printed in big enough lettering

38Fan's installed

39After renovating the band room the people who painted the shelves just painted over the gum

40Left the note

41Fixed the dumb telephone pole

42Installed the sockets in the train wagon boss

43Cookies for Satan

44At the main entrance in Universal Orlando. Gets me every time

45Loose brick replaced by a different color, while the original is right there at the bottom

46I left a list of chores for my teen daughter to do. I came home to stuff like this

47Building a house and the builder asked me to put stickers where I wanted my towel rails etc

48Improvise adapt...overcome

49Added the headline text

50When 'rock moving' wasn’t in the job description


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