Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes beauty can be found in the most remote of places, hidden away like a treasure waiting to be discovered. Below are some photos of some amazingly beautiful abandoned places from around the world that look like they came straight from a movie scene. These hidden relics withstood the test of time and like a fine wine, aged over time and became something so much more interesting.

These 85 pictures of abandoned places are proof that a place doesn’t have to be full of bustling people to be the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen.

76Old plane someone found in the mountains

77Abandoned movie theater

78Abandoned bus in Svalbard, Norway

79A rollercoaster being swallowed up by the forest in this abandoned Japanese theme park

80A strange building reportedly used to make cement remains abandoned in the woods

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81Built in 1838

82Abandoned Church in the Snow, Canada

83Mudurnu, Turkey. 587 castle homes after the developer went bankrupt

84Endless stairs descend into the darkness inside an abandoned flak tower in Vienna, Austria

85An abandoned art deco casino


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