Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes beauty can be found in the most remote of places, hidden away like a treasure waiting to be discovered. Below are some photos of some amazingly beautiful abandoned places from around the world that look like they came straight from a movie scene. These hidden relics withstood the test of time and like a fine wine, aged over time and became something so much more interesting.

These 85 pictures of abandoned places are proof that a place doesn’t have to be full of bustling people to be the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen.

26Norway, the country of fairy tales

27If you travel up to the middle of nowhere in the UK, you might be lucky enough to find the remnants of a long lost people

28In 1938 a massive flood destroyed the road, forever stranding this concrete arc bridge in the mountains above Los Angeles

29An agave growing massive in this long-abandoned greenhouse

30Abandoned Bucket Wheel Excavator

31Abandoned stairway in the woods of Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield, NH

32Abandoned Boeing 737 in Bali

33Detroit’s Mark Twain Library, which was closed in 1996 for renovations and never reopened

34Abandoned Underground Submarine Base in Albania

35The Abandoned Swimming Pool at the University of Rochester

3650 years of movie history rotting in the ruins of the Bendestorf Movie Studios, Germany

37Abandoned drive-in theatre

38Island with an abandoned castle

39 Abandoned Highway in Columbus, Ohio

40An abandoned Greek submarine base

41A decaying great white shark at an abandoned aquarium in Melbourne

42Abandoned house in northern California

43Abandoned Rail Bridge in Taiwan

44Cointe Observatory, built by the University of Liège in 1881-82

45An abandoned water park in Hue, Vietnam

46Abandoned Colorado Mill

47Detroit in 2003

48Get your kicks on Route 66

49Popcorn left in a theater

50Abandoned home in Detroit


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