Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes beauty can be found in the most remote of places, hidden away like a treasure waiting to be discovered. Below are some photos of some amazingly beautiful abandoned places from around the world that look like they came straight from a movie scene. These hidden relics withstood the test of time and like a fine wine, aged over time and became something so much more interesting.

These 85 pictures of abandoned places are proof that a place doesn’t have to be full of bustling people to be the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen.

1Abandoned 50's restaurant

2Railroad tracks in the forest

3The eerie yellow brick road of abandoned 'Land of Oz' theme park in North Carolina

4Japanese WWII warplane lies wrecked in shallow water off Guam

5Inside the Chernobyl Power Plant, the door to Reactor #4

6Radioactive cars from the Fukushima disaster slowly being eaten by nature

7The New World Mall, in Bangkok, was closed in 1997 after it was found to have breached building regulations

8An abandoned warehouse filled with arcade machines

9The old aluminum plant still has a workplace injury sign on 5 years after shutting down

10Abandoned beach house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, slowly being reclaimed by the sea

11RadioShack closed and left us with this gem as a goodbye

12A Billboard for Spaceballs (1987) in Toronto, still standing today

13Torre Scola, Italy

14The remains of a crashed P-38 Lightning on a beach in Wales

15A 132-year-old rifle that was found leaning up against a tree

16The old naval base in Philadelphia has an abandoned warehouse with a flooded basement filled with goldfish

17Plague Fort, St. Petersburg

18Overgrown Roller Coaster

19Abandoned French chapel

20What used to be a square building is now a parallelogram

21New York City

22Abandoned apartment building being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia

23An abandoned German tank located in Vines, Norway

24The S.S. United States. The last Passenger Liner to receive the Blue Riband for crossing the Atlantic in record speeds in 1952. She still holds the record to this day. Sadly she is docked and rotting away across from the IKEA parking lot in Philly

25The abandoned Richmond power station


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