One of the saddest sights in the world is witnessing the aftermath of someone who really, really tried to do a great job, but just couldn’t quite cut the mustard. Sometimes, their error is so obvious that you wonder if they actually knew what they were supposed to be doing. Other times, the mistake they made is one that you could have easily made yourself.

76That's a well-placed door right there

77Drunk architect

78Great Design

79What am I supposed to do with half a toilet?

80A road built through an electric post


  1. Regarding #15: This is actually not a design fail. This is the Palm Hotel in King City, California, directly across the street from the high school I went to in the Nineties. It was intended as a way to catch the eye of potential customers; I even stayed there once when my hometown was flooded and evacuated in 1995.

    Thank you for including it, though; it was terrific to see. I was actually born in King City, so it’s kind of like coming home. 😀


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