Portrait photography and photojournalism are two potentially intense and powerful art forms that don’t always get the recognition they deserve, so we thought we should show you some of the most powerful and diverse portraits of people around the world that we’ve ever seen.

Both the faces of the people in these photos and their contexts speak volumes about the people pictured and the worlds they live in. Some can be unimaginably and even horrifically different from ours, while other once-exotic worlds seem to grow closer and more interconnected with our own. Though they are only photos, looking into their eyes can still give us a feeling of connection.

76Young skateboarder in California, 1970's Photo by Hugh Holland

77An old man with his cat

781939 The little girl and her dog in London

79I met this man in a Sikh temple in Delhi, and he let me take his photo for 100 Rupees

80My great grandfather Samuel Tom Holiday, a Marine, Codetalker, Medicine Man, and all-around badass


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